Country Cookin – Black Tie Friendraiser

This event was my first higher paying gig, and I got the opportunity from simply networking.

About 6 months prior to shooting this video I had invited an artist and his manager to come and do a show with me for The Philly 60.

It was a good interview but nothing super special, I did stay in touch with the manager but nothing really sparked. That was until 6 months later he decides to give me a call. Apparently his videographer for this “Black Tie Friendraiser” event had backed out last minute, and I was the only other videographer he had in his contact. I named my price, and immediately got booked.

I really had no idea who Saudia was at the time, but upon looking up her Instagram I found out that she had more than 300k followers and was a staple in the North Philadelphia community. Feeling very lucky and nervous I decided to go for it and tried to make the best video I could.

After she posted this video to her account my social media blew up and I got a ton of requests for new business. This was my first video that ever got attention like that, so it has a special place in my heart.

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