Hi! My name is Erik coombs

Whenever I have an idea, it is played out as a video in my head. It is just the way I think, so when you have a vision, I have a video. When I close my eyes I see the finished project, so I have devoted my professional career to bringing the vision all the way to the finished product.

As a Klein College alumni from Temple University, I have spent all of my time getting involved in different types of production. I have never been shy to start a new project, even if I have no experience. This has allowed me to build myself as a professional and turn my hobbies into a career

My willingness to jump into any category of production has lent me to be an out of the box thinker. With so many new forms of media coming in the 21st century, it is easy to become irrelevant. My goal as a creative is to challenge that curve and use new forms/styles of media to an advantage.