The Temple News

As the Multimedia Editor for The Temple News, I am responsible for all video content that is published to The Temple News Youtube and the multimedia landing page.

Video taken for the brand new Playa Bowls location at Temple University
Temple Students and Jazz enthusiasts alike come together and jammed out
Philadelphia activists came together on Saturday for a National Day of Action Against Asian Hate
Harriett’s Bookshop hosted a Soca Sidewalk Sale in Fishtown to celebrate its one year of business
Dr. Delana Wardlaw, a family medicine physician, works with her sister at Twin Sister Docs
Hands-on corrections are not permitted and dancers are learning video editing skills
New 5 guys location opens right on Temple’s campus
Three students created Love Your Neighbor Philly in January and recently donated to the Germantown Community Fridge
Philadelphia Brewing Company hosted a Meowentine’s Day Cat Adoption event with cats from @PSPCA
Multiple artists join together in the Fishtown area to create chalk mural arts for the Philly Chalk Festival
Video taken at Smith Memorial Playground, in association with the Smith Healthy Halloween event
Video taken by City Hall in Philadelphia, PA to show support for LGBTQ+ voters
Video taken at “Fames Pizza” on Temple University Campus that answers questions on how small businesses at Temple have been effected by Covid-19
Video taken by The Constitution Center asking student voters their opinions at a Trump protest
Video taken on Temple Campus that answers questions about student housing and Covid-19
Video taken highlighting the athletic achievement of one lacrosse player outside the field
Video featuring two students who started an ice cream business
Video taken at Charles Library showcasing an event where students could look at Mercury as it passed over the sun

Video taken at The Foot Long truck on Temple campus shining light to the people that keep students stomachs full

The Philly 60

The Philly 60 is the name of a Philadelphia local Hip-Hop/Rap radio show that I started through Temple Universities radio station WHIP.

I learned how to be a radio host by joining Premiere Radio with my co-host Payton Payola where I was christened with the name easy-e.

Unfortunately, Payton had a-lot of school work on her plate and she left the show to me. I never really enjoyed hosting by myself, it felt very lonely.

So, to solve that problem I started to invite guests. Then the Philly 60 was born.

After getting practice interviewing guests and featuring new music, I decided to make a strict production schedule that involved shooting photos, videos and promotion.

I followed this production schedule and produced 2 seasons of The Philly 60. All of the episodes are on my Youtube channel. Below are a few of my favorite!