The Temple News

I worked with The Temple News for all 4 years of my college career. First as a freelance photographer, finishing as a Multimedia Editor.

The Temple News is a completely student run newspaper, so I had a lot of creative freedom when it came to the videos I created. What is listed below is every video I have shot or edit in my time with TTN.

Temple Update

During my time with Temple Update I was co-responsible for a 90 second news brief named Update Now. As a producer I was responsible for writing, directing and editing the show. Below are a few examples of Update Now. Over the course of the semester I produced 58 shows. I stayed involved for another semester through a seminar class where I created news packages that aired on TUTV.

The Philly 60

The Philly 60 is the name of a Philadelphia local Hip-Hop/Rap radio show that I started through Temple Universities radio station WHIP.

I learned how to be a radio host by joining Premiere Radio with my co-host Payton Payola.

Unfortunately, Payton had a-lot of school work on her plate and she left the show to me. I never really enjoyed hosting by myself, it felt very lonely.

So, to solve that problem I started to invite guests. Then the Philly 60 was born.

After getting practice interviewing guests and featuring new music, I decided to make a strict production schedule that involved shooting photos, videos and promotion.

I followed this production schedule and produced 2 seasons of The Philly 60. All of the episodes are on my Youtube channel. Below are a few of my favorite!