Ever since my freshman year I had a passion for pop content creation. I did not officially start shooting music videos until I was a sophomore. Since I have been able to meet a ton of great people, learn the city and create a lot of cool content.

It is common nowadays to see weapons flashed in music videos, and my music videos exhibit some examples of it. All weapons used in the films were handled by a licensed professional.

is a chance for me to get creative while also being in touch with the local music scene.

The Philly 60

The Philly 60 is the name of a Philadelphia local Hip-Hop/Rap radio show that I started through Temple Universities radio station WHIP.

I learned how to be a radio host by joining Premiere Radio with my co-host Payton Payola where I was christened with the name easy-e.

Unfortunately, Payton had a-lot of school work on her plate and she left the show to me. I never really enjoyed hosting by myself, it felt very lonely.

So, to solve that problem I started to invite guests. Then the Philly 60 was born.

After getting practice interviewing guests and featuring new music, I decided to make a strict production schedule that involved shooting photos, videos and promotion.

I followed this production schedule and produced 2 seasons of The Philly 60. All of the episodes are on my Youtube channel. Below are a few of my favorite!